Someone one said I was “Damaged”

And I should be left alone. I remember hearing the words.

The sharp pain in my chest as it hurt and the sting in my eyes as I fought back tears.

I mean what does it even mean ???

I’ve pondered this along time,

What exactly is damaged on me.

It can’t be my head. I know both where I’m going and what I want.

Or my heart. I mean it hurts when I’m sad. Beats faster when I’m excited.

I do have a wall.  A huge one that I build up. To keep me safe. To keep people out.

Funny enough. That’s not damaged either.

I’m looking in the mirror.

I see me.

I look like you.

We’re the same.

Oh but wait. “I’m damaged.



#Chasing Time

The minutes ticked away. 

Kitten looked down at her coffee, she tried not to be sad. But it was hard.
She would be leaving soon.
She smiled to herself as she remembered the day. 

The journey made. New boundaries crossed.

She heard his voice from across the table and then she smiled some more.

The train pulled in at the station, kitten got off. Took a short cab ride home and climbed into bed. 

She played the events of the day over in her mind it had been an 18 hour adventure from start to finish. 
#Chasing time until we meet again she thought to herself as she slowly drifted off to sleep x

The Other 

It’s sitting, it’s waiting, it’s praying for time. 

No special birthdays or parties, your second in line.

You chose your own place you knew the score,
You still hope and pray. Your waiting for more.

Stolen moments and chats and time spent online,
Keep telling yourself it will all be just fine.

Your the other woman, don’t you know who you are?
Your the other he loves, the one kept afar.

In his list of priorities he tells you your number one, 
But you come after his wife, job, daughter or his son.

Your his second Christmas, second home second bed,
Your his second story, the one left unread. 

You are the other woman, we all know you exist. 
You are the other woman take your place on his list  x